Tom Ottway, of From Home, and a founder member of Language Umbrella Media, is also planning to interview a number of those who submit videos for a series of special podcasts, which will accompany this project and feed into his University of Sussex research project looking at Home and the Senses.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in discussing your experiences of home for this podcast: fromhome@movingpicturestheatre.com

Latest Podcasts

  • From Home Episode #2 with In the Forest

    In this lively and frequently amusing episode, host Tom Ottway, artist, composer and researcher on home, as well as co-founder of the From Home project www.fromhomeproject.com, talks to up and coming British band In the Forest about their new song Means to an End, which they composed and then reimagined with a very personal audio-diary-montage video to reflect their experience as parents-to-be during lockdown, for the From Home project. See their video here. They discuss how they moved in with in-laws during the UK’s lockdown during Becky’s pregnancy; the meaning of home; life and especially newly-found time and creativity in More…

  • From Home Podcast #1 with Greg Halpin

    In this episode, host Tom Ottway, co-founder of the From Home project talks to Canadian musician Greg Halpin about his new song about lockdown We’re All in This Together. They discuss how Greg came to write the song, the meaning of home, life in lockdown, and how both Greg and Tom have written songs about home. The full version of Greg’s song features at the end. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1gg0NJbWznyJsJPW5Mpcic?si=-fJiMGowRnWX2A0483Lg1A You can find more about Greg Halpin at https://open.spotify.com/artist/1S4mhThlCtfLEVrArxmZPK  

  • From Home Podcast #0 Episode zero with Tom Ottway & Lucy Nordberg

    From Home Episode #ZERO with Lucy Nordberg What is home? Welcome! In this short taster episode your host Tom Ottway, artist, composer and researcher on home, gives the background to both the From Home project and the accompanying podcast. Tom discusses with Lucy Nordberg, playwright and a co-founder of the project, what kinds of stories they will be featuring in the series. You’ll find out what to expect from each episode. You’ll also discover out how to get involved in the From Home project and submit your own stories and experiences of home. fromhomeproject.com https://open.spotify.com/episode/6PqE5UhrAWksoV9WNqLMgW?si=CtemPb0zT4CSBuMQVrI7Ag

  • Youth rising podcast pictureFrom Home’s Tom Ottway appears on Youth Rising Podcast

    In this post, Tom Ottway, one of the three co-founders of the From Home project, discusses his experiences of appearing on the Youth Rising podcast… https://open.spotify.com/episode/4QDeyf8JXa2LTVooM0JUOU “This was a really great experience. I was interviewed by Llewelyn, Eva and Samuel, who I thought did an amazing job. It’s really worth a listen. Basically, Youth Rising by NCS podcast is completely run by 16-17 year olds in England. It is a Somethin’ Else production, funded by the UK Government to provide a voice for young people. This week’s episode was all about how new communities have come together during lockdown, and I was talking More…