From Home Project

First event announced for From Home

Moving Pictures Theatre and Language Umbrella Media are delighted to announce that the first event for the From Home project will take place as part of the Brighton Digital Festival (BDF) on the 4th & 5th November 2021 at the Fusebox, Brighton. Tickets – available here – are free, with bookable slots covering 15-minute arrival times to ensure numbers are kept low for covid safety. 

You’ll be able to explore the responses submitted from people around the world on home during lockdown as an interactive and immersive VR experience, together with a taster of other audio & visual media we’re collecting on the subject of home. You’ll also be able to take a look at our plans to develop the project further. Finally, if you wish to shape the project’s future, you can contribute your thoughts on home! 

Many thanks to all those who submitted material to the project, and to those who are making it possible for our event at the BDF to take place. From Home is supported by the team at Wired Sussex’s FuseBox innovation hub, and the upcoming event is programmed by Lighthouse, and supported through Digital Democracies, a programme led by Threshold Studios.

To find out more about more about the project, read on…

What is From Home?

From Home is a project to capture the experience of home as it is lived and articulated by a broad range of individuals, presenting those experiences with digital technologies that are both reflective and illuminating. There are plans to turn the virtual artwork into a piece of immersive storytelling, involving performance, that could tour.

That thing we call Home has been the subject of massive attention as a result of the pandemic. As home has become a place that many more now work from or were locked down in, the already complex emotional and practical meanings we give to home have become even more multifaceted.

Wherever it is shown, From Home invites and encourages those members of the public who experience the piece to contribute their own thoughts on home, so that the artwork becomes ever more layered, reflecting the rich complexity embedded in that single word home.

Years at home, like no other – the story so far

© Tom Ottway

Marc Green and Lucy Nordberg from Moving Pictures Theatre, and Tom Ottway from Language Umbrella Media, have been documenting the various stages of lockdown as a piece of living archive, or social history in action since March 2020, with a view to create a piece of art that reflects our common but distinctive and separate experiences. In the first lockdown, we asked the public to send in short videos of their experiences. We had a great and varied, often highly creative response – you can view links to some of the videos here.

Still from performance by the Rainbow Chorus

It is amazing how quickly they have dated, becoming precious records of everyday life that will inform historians and sociologists in many ways in years to come.

We have also started to interview some of those who submitted videos to discuss things in greater depth. You can listen to some here and also search for the From Home podcast on Spotify, itunes, etc.

Samuel West and crew filming Homecoming

The topic of home inspired Lucy Nordberg and Marc Green to create a short film, Homecoming, starring Samuel West and shot in the empty Brighton Theatre Royal between lockdown 2.0 and 3.0, which is being shown at festivals around the world as part of the Time and Tide trilogy. Find out more about Homecoming here.

As an ongoing initiative, we’re collecting people’s general ideas and thoughts and responses to the theme of home via a short survey, which you can fill in here. The answers will also be used as part of Tom Ottway’s PhD.

A chance meeting

In October 2019,  Tom Ottway, of Language Umbrella Media, met Lucy Nordberg and Marc Green at a Moving Pictures Theatre event at  Brighton Digital Festival, and decided to collaborate on a project about home. Tom has been researching ‘home’ and stories of home at the University of Sussex for many years and we felt that exploring aspects of ‘home’ was ideal for a  piece of immersive theatre or interactive media. Then COVID-19 hit the globe and the rest as they say, is history. But a history we are still in the process of writing daily.

Who we are

Marc Green & Lucy Nordberg of Moving Pictures Theatre and Tom Ottway of Language Umbrella Media

Moving Pictures Theatre (MPT) was formed to create quality film productions using both traditional and innovative techniques, including 360 capture. The company has a focus on using interesting locations that inform the story.

Language Umbrella was formed with the aim of helping to tell stories and inspire learning, and since then has worked with prestigious clients, such as Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, Harper Collins and Santillana Publishing.