From Home Survey

Home, You and the Global Pandemic

From Home is a unique cultural project for the Brighton Digital Festival and beyond, examining what life at home is like for us at home in 2020 and 2021. You can become part of the project by anonymously answering a few questions about your ideas of home below.

The questionnaire data will join with creative material - such as videos we’ve already collected from people all around the world - and feature at the Brighton Digital Festival and other important events, as well as forming part of a final PhD piece on home by Tom Ottway.

So please, take part and share your experiences, and be a part of making history for future generations. The more responses we get, the more accurate and diverse the Story of Home will be.

You can read more about the project here. If you'd like to discuss your experiences of home in more depth, or are interested in getting involved in the project in any way, please email

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What best describes you current living situation?

My experiences during lockdown(s) have changed my attitudes to and sense of 'home':

I consider where I currently live to be "home".

Social Media, YouTube, etc., has helped prevent me from feeling isolated at home:

Having less social interaction has had a negative effect on me:

I have been able to work or study effectively from home during Covid:

My home ends at my front door. The surrounding community has little effect on my sense of home and belonging.

My nationality affects my notion of home and belonging.

My place of birth affects my notion of home and belonging.

Having restrictions placed on travel (locally, nationally and internationally) has changed what home means to me.

Home for me is...

Where and when have you felt most at home?

Home should be...

I have submitted a video to the From Home project.

I consent for these answers to be used (anonymously) in From Home research, shows and installations on 'Home':

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